April 4, 2022

Duck Breast With Apple Slices

This is a straightforward recipe that works well with domestic duck. Because the apples are thinly sliced, they only need to cook for a few minutes in the duck fat (or butter if you don't have duck fat). If you overcook them, they will become soggy. I like to serve this straight up on the plate because it's so pretty, but it's also good with wild rice or some good crusty bread.

Total preparing time: 1 hour 10 minutes, Servings: 4 

Instructions: -

·   ¾ lb. duck breast, without skin and bone

·   2 tbsp. clear honey

·   1 cup vinegar

·   Salt to taste

·   Freshly ground black pepper to taste

·   ¾ cup chicken stock

·   3 apples, peeled and sliced

·   2 tbsp. lemon juice

·   2 tbsp. softened butter (optional)

Instructions: -

·   Rinse duck breasts and pat dry. Add the honey, cider, salt, and pepper to the large mixing bowl. Place the duck breasts in the marinade, cover with plastic wrap, and set aside for approximately 1 hour.

·   Set the oven range to 100 degrees C to preheat. Drain and pat dry the duck breasts after removing them from the marinade, and then cook them skin-side down in a hot pan without adding any fat until golden brown.

·   Turn the meat side and cook more for 1 minute before transferring it to the oven to bake for nearly 30 minutes. Meanwhile, add the marinade and stock in the saucepan, boil, and reduce by half.

·   Drizzle lemon juice over the apple slices. Heat a pan with hot butter, cook for a few minutes, drain on paper towels, and arrange on plates like roof tiles.

·   Remove the duck breasts and allow them to rest for a few minutes before slicing them and serving them with apple slices. Serve with a drizzle of cranberry sauce on top of the dish.

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