Our Farms

How We Farm

As fourth-generation growers, we know the importance of leaving something for the generations that follow.

Integrated Pest Management

Humans are not the only ones who love our crops! Apples attract many fans, a lot of which can harm the apple or the tree. In order to fend off these pests, we use integrated pest management (IPM) which helps to naturally protect the farm.

Lais Farm

Milton, NY

Sustainable Strategies

We support environmentally-conscious farming practices, from the farm all the way to the consumer, in order to reduce our carbon footprint and to eliminate unnecessary waste. We have implemented a dip-irrigation method in our farms to reduce our water consumption and have revamped our packaging in order to use less plastic.

Southern Vermont Orchards

Bennington, VT

Biodynamic Practices

We rely on Mother Nature's design and resources to sustain our farms, using ponds, trees, and shrubs to create an ecosystem for insects and animals. Multiple beehives have been added to increase the natural bee population, benefiting our orchards and surrounding plants. Our diverse biological population promotes nutrient-rich soil, aiding in the growth of apple trees.

Rymph Farm

Salt Point, NY

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