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Are your apples organic?

No we do not grow or sell organic apples. Due to the wet climate in the Northeast, it is not feasible to grow organic apples commercially. To ensure that we are growing the healthiest crop, we integrate pest management solutions to protect the fruit without interrupting its natural growth ecosystem. All practices follow state and federal regulations, and we work with experienced crop consultants to best manage our IPM program.

What are the best ways to keep my apples fresh?

The best way to maintain the quality, flavor and crunch is to keep apples refrigerated.

Are your apples NON-GMO?

Hudson River Fruit only grows, sells, and ships fruits that are 100% non-GMO.

Why do you put wax on your apples?

Apples naturally produce a waxy-coated layer in order to secure their inner moisture and to keep the apples hard. Once our crops are harvested, the apples are cleaned of any dirt and leaves. During this cleaning process, the natural wax coating also gets removed. To ensure that we continue to protect our fruit and deliver the crispest apples, we apply a small amount of natural wax. This natural ingredient wax is certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is safe to eat.

Why do you put stickers on your apples and how do I get them off?

The sticker on your apple gives important information regarding the variety and country of origin of the product. It also has a code which enables the retailer to scan the item. They are easily peeled off. We always recommend washing your fruit before eating.
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