Sustainability means everything to us.

As a 4th generation grower, we know the importance of leaving something for the generations that follow you.  We are always staying abreast of new developments regarding food safety, use organic practices, and integrate pest management to reduce our carbon footprint.

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We meticulously maintain, replanting our varieties, and replenish older trees with new

New Plantings and crop rotations are integral to the renew-ability of the orchard. There is a major benefit in both when trying to conserve the natural resources and minerals within the soil, water table, native foliage and wildlife.

In an effort to try to be as sustainable as possible, we utilize many different strategies on our farms

We utilize many different strategies on our farms.  
We have multiple bee hives on our farms to increase the natural bee population, not only of our own orchards as well as the wild flowers and plants around us.

We use mother natures natural design and resources to sustain all facets of our farms

Ponds strategically placed throughout our orchards provide many benefits. While our main use for them is to provide water for irrigation, they also contribute to the biodiversity of the orchard.  Fish, insects, & algae create their own additional complete ecosystem.

Our Team

Coworkers Turned Family

We believe you're only as successful as the people you surround yourself with. Our team is a true testament to just that and we attribute so much of our success over the last 60+ years to them.

Isador Albinder


Harold Albinder


Daniel Albinder

Chief Executive Officer

Alisha Albinder

Vice President Of Sales and Marketing

Marcus Albinder

Operations Manager

Lia Diamond

Owner Of Southern Vermont Orchards

Pat Ferrara

Director Of Sales

Mike Grant

Shipping and Receiving Manager

Michael Iannacci

Sales and Logistics Cordinator

Marcela Juarez

Quality Control Specialist

Liz Kovac

Quality Control & Traceability

Jill Lander Patterson

Office Manager

Suzanne Moloney

Executive Assistant

Donna Buser

Accounts Payable

Shawn Bixby

Farm Manager

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