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Our Story

We are lucky to have multiple generations work hand in hand to carry on our family legacy. Since 1963 we have continued to grow our family, business, and farms for 60 years. Learn more about our rich family history below.

Hudson river fruit milestones


First generation Isador Albinder immigrates to the United States and starts selling apples out of a pushcart in Brooklyn, NY


Second generation Harold Albinder joins his father, and they incorporate Hudson River Fruit Distributors


Hudson River Fruit continues to purchase orchards, now totaling more than1,000 acres of cultivated land


Third generation Daniel Albinder joins HRFD


HRFD builds a new 60,000 sq. ft warehouse, packing house, and storage facility


Fourth generation Alisha Albinder joins HRFD


Hudson River Fruit Distributors plants thousands of new apple trees every year to bring you the latest and greatest varieties


Fourth generation Marcus Albinder joins HRFD


HRFD builds new CA storage facility on their Paradise Orchard in the Hudson Valley, NY

Our Team

Behind every great product, there is a great team

Over the last 50 years, every member of our team and story has become part of our family. We believe that's one of the most unique and powerful drivers of our success

Isador Albinder


Harold Albinder

Founder & President

Dan Alibinder

Chief Operating Officer

Alisha Alibinder

Operations Manager

Hudson River Fruit Family

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